special termite control offer




***It is a regulation that a licensed Branch III “termite” inspector perform an inspection prior to issuing any bid or intent to complete work.***

Per Article 8514 of the Structural Pest Control Act, “No registered company shall commence work on a contract, or sign, issue, or deliver any documents expressing an opinion or statement relating to the control of household pests, or wood destroying pests or organisms until an inspection has been made.” 

How do I schedule work? 

You will receive a written report detailing your inspector’s findings with recommendations and bids to correct these findings. To commence work on a property, you must first send in the signed, two-page work authorization. If you received your report in the U.S. mail, it will be the last two pages of your termite report. If you received your report via e-mail, refer to the attachment labeled “(Address) Contract.” Indicate which items you would like to have TAPS perform either by circling the items or writing them in the space alotted in the middle of the page and sign the bottom. The second page will have space for you to write the person to contact for purposes of scheduling work and their information, along with the best time to contact. Be sure to indicate any specific scheduling requests when submitting your authorization back to our office, such as “First available” or “Do not start until (date).” Scan and e-mail, fax or U.S. mail the work authorization form back to the office when completed. (Visit our Contact Us page.) You will receive a call within two business days or receipt of the contract from the crew coordinator to schedule work. 

Why the two-day waiting period? 

There are many factors to take into consideration prior to scheduling jobs. The main factor is time needed to finish the job. This is determined only by the inspector who issued the report on the property in question. They must write detailed instructions for the crew members and issue the amount of time that must be blocked off to complete the job. This process can take up to two business days. When it is complete, the crew coordinator will call the contact listed to work out a time that is convenient for you. 

How long in advance do I need to schedule? 

Availability will vary based on many factors. While we do our best to work on your timeline, we recommend that you allow for 1-3 weeks on average, depending on the size of the job. A great way to expedite this scheduling process is to sign and return your work authorization as soon as possible. We have a firm “first come, first served” policy, meaning we do not give tentative dates nor hold dates without a signed work authorization. This policy helps us shorten the wait time for our clients. 

What is your policy on reinspections? 

We can re-inspect any repairs done by others for purposes of issuing your certification at an additional cost. Please note that availability for re-inspection varies and will be completed within 10 days of the request date. Interested parties will need to contact the office to schedule this. We assume no responsibility for scheduling re-inspections. We will make every attempt to work around your schedule but availability will vary. (Note: We do not re-inspect treating done by others.)