Termites were once mistakenly called ‘white ants’ because of how they looked. Like ants, termites are social insects and have co-existed with man for thousands of years. Unfortunately, unlike ants, termites are capable of so much more damage. They are blamed for the loss and damage that cost millions of dollars in properties every year. These are such destructive pests that control is exercised in order to ensure that homes and commercial establishments have all seasons termite protection.

Is there a season for termite attack?

In order to prevent termites from destroying properties and estates, it’s important to understand their behavior. Termites live in colonies, with one colony made up easily of a few hundred thousand insects. As the insects multiply, new termites are born and from these, the termite caste known as reproductives will eventually leave the nest in order to mate, establish and build their own colonies.

Typically, termite season occurs in the last weeks of February and on until late March and early April, depending on your location. These are the months when winged termites ‘swarm’, leaving the nest in search for mates. Spring is often the season termites appear because temperatures are generally warmer and there is the presence of rainfall. This explains all those shed wings and dead insects you find near windows and doors in the morning.

However, spring is not the only season termites are capable of attacking. The swarm is actually made up of harmless pests, whose sole purpose is to mate and start a termite colony of their own. They are, in fact, not capable of eating wood. Unfortunately, their presence is also a sign that your home can expect an infestation.

The benefits of an all seasons termite prevention and treatment

Termites are attracted to anything that has wood or wooden material – walls, floorboards, even books and furniture. This is because wood is their primary food. So if wood is found in your home or estate, expect these bugs to make an appearance. And once they discover a source of food, it will take professional service to drive them away.

With an all seasons termite prevention and treatment, you can expect a more comprehensive means of ensuring that your home and property are protected. Although you could probably try a do-it-yourself solution, you’ll find that a professional service is much more helpful in order to drain these insects from your home.

A thorough inspection by a termite extermination company can give you an assessment of the type and extent of termite problem you might have – what type of specie is causing the damage, the extent of the damage, the solution to your particular problem and the right product to use. An all seasons termite protection can also ensure that you don’t have to worry about a termite attack come Spring.

You might also want to consider planning for an all seasons termite protection for your home prior to construction, in order to ensure that the ground where termites can potentially use as entryway to your home is treated with the appropriate product.

The cost of all seasons termite protection

If you’re still concerned about cost, think about the type of expense you will incur if you allow termite damage to go uncontrolled. Termite damage is known to cost thousands of dollars in repairs alone. Spending for termite protection now is just a small sacrifice you can do to save yourself from a lot of expense later.

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