If you have enough evidence to believe that your home might be under termite attack, the best thing to do is to consult a pest control professional to take a look at your house. They would know best how to kill termites. Trying to treat the infestation on your own may just make the problem worse. And take note that the best time to kill termites is always right away. Subterranean termites are capable of year-round activity without resting, especially in well-heated premises. And if your house is infested with Formosan subterranean termites, the whole premise could possibly be rotten and decayed in as short as a year and a half!

Either drywood, or subterranean, termites, they don’t just go away. They can eat up your whole house. So you should not waste time trying to decide what to do with your termite problem. Act now and act fast. Call a specialist and have your home premises inspected. Termite infestation should be taken very seriously and should be handled with the right method and materials.

To give you a general idea on how to kill termites, here are the methods usually taken in exterminating these pests.

One is using liquid pesticide, or more particularly termiticide, and creating a chemical barrier around your house so termites will not be able to invade your home and start a colony. This is done by spraying the pesticide to possible termite entry points around your house, like small crevices. This chemical is also pumped into the soil around your house to prevent termites from penetrating into your foundation. These chemicals can last for years and stay effective in killing termites. The most popular and advisable chemical these days is the Termidor. Unlike other termiticide, Termidor use is by the ounces and not gallons so it is more environment-friendly.

Another method is the use of termite baits, which is designed to kill the entire colony of the termites and not just the termites that come into contact with the chemical. This method has gained popularity and is now replacing the old method of using chemicals. The process is long and painstaking but is sure to eliminate the source of your termite problem. Bait system include some kind of experiment where you stick a plastic casing with wood inside it on the ground, which would lure termites. Once the termites are lured into it, the wood will be replaced with slow-killing chemicals, which when eaten can be transferred to other termites and eventually spread throughout the colony as they groom and feed each other. The slow acting chemical on the bait impairs the termites’ growth and maturation, causing them to die.

One popular example of the bait system is Sentricon, which causes impairment in the development of the young termites. Sentricon inhibits the molting of the termites exoskeleton, which is necessary for the insects’ growth. Sentricon takes two to eight months to completely eradicate the entire colony.

Another example of bait-based system is Advance. This bait system is installed on the exterior of your house. Like Sentricon, Advance also inhibits the molting of exoskeleton, thus preventing the termite to develop, eventually causing it to die. The advantage of Advance over Sentricon and other bait systems is that it has a more bait load and is designed to allow servicing without disturbing the termites that are already feeding on the bait. Advance takes around 4 months to complete its task of eliminating the colony.

Bait system is becoming more and more popular because it is more environment-friendly than the other termite control methods. It is safer to use as it only requires small quantities of chemical and the toxin is concentrated on areas that are only susceptible to the intended target.

If you want more information about termites and ways of killing and terminating them, you may send your requests through email to various ezines on the internet. There are also information available from newsletter of pest control companies. You will also find a wealth of information on articles and writings on the internet that are being used for marketing pest control products and services.

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