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Green Eco-Friendly Solutions for Termite Control & Prevention

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Green Eco- Friendly Termite Solutions


Your inspector may note that a different product may be a better custom solution to your pest management issue. Be sure to note that you would like a bid for using a “green” product upon ordering your inspection.

Orange Oil

Orange Oil is made from the oily substance found in the rinds of oranges. It is used in many household cleaning solutions and found in many of our body care products. In fact, it’s likely that you may have used or are currently using a product that contains orange oil in your own home! Orange oil’s chemical name is D-limonene. Limonene is a chemical found in various plants, flowers and trees. It is an entirely renewable resource and is a by-product of the manufacturing of orange juice. The rinds of the orange are distilled to extract the desired oil. In terms of long-term efficacy, there is no magic cure to rid your life of termites forever. Termites are over 100 million years old and will likely be around long after humans. No matter what treatment is chosen, there are many ways termites can find their way back into your home. The best way to deal with termites is to think of the treatment as ongoing maintenance.


Borates are products that are useful for eliminating current infections or infestations. They are also versatile in that some can be used as an effective preventative treatment for wood. Borates, when applied topically to wood, penetrate deep into the object through diffusion. The application can remain effective for as long as the treated wood is kept away from flowing water. Target pests can include subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites, carpenter ants and various species of wood-boring beetles. These can be ideal as they are manufactured with more concern for the environment than many other compounds.

Tree Bark Derivatives

Chlorantraniliprole is the latest treatment for subterranean termites. It follows suit of many popular products in being derived from the bark of a tree found in Africa and has minimal impact on the environment.

Altriset is both non-repellent and environmentally responsible, making it a dynamic product. This is the only

liquid termiticide on the market that is cla

ssified by the EPA as reduced-risk and requires no “signal” word (many are required to have “caution” on the packaging).

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Our experienced and licensed crew technicians utilize the best products available in today's market to rid structures of active infestation or infections of wood-destroying pests. Talk to your inspector during your inspection to find out what course of treatment will best suit your needs.

Although these pests vary significantly in the number of species they belong to, there are only about three types that homeowners, repairmen, carpenters and house inspectors encounter. These are the Formosan, the subterranean or ground termite and the drywood termite. Of these, the two often found to inflict plenty of damage are the subterranean and drywood types.

If you have enough evidence to believe that your home might be under termite attack, the best thing to do is to consult a pest control professional to take a look at your house. They would know best how to kill termites. Trying to treat the infestation on your own may just make the problem worse. And take note that the best time to kill termites is always right away. 

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